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Feb 21, 2018- Hamilton councillors vote to limit payday loan outlets

Feb 20, 2018- The city of Hamilton, Ontario is cracking down on payday lenders

Feb 20, 2018- Hamilton looks to cap number of payday loan outlets

Feb 20, 2018- Hamilton to consider limiting payday loan outlets

Feb 20, 2018- Proposed limit on payday loan outlets in Hamilton clears planning committee vote

Feb 20, 2018- Hamilton votes to restrict new payday loan places to no more than 15

Feb 19, 2018- Why Canada needs more politicians of colour

Nov 18, 2017- Police defer body-worn camera issue again, saying Hamilton is different than the U.S.

Nov 16, 2017- ‘Street check’ or ‘well-being check’? Police carding case comes at key juncture in Ontario

Nov 15, 2017- Hamilton frustrated with lack of answers around whether HSR can run LRT

Oct 12, 2017- Hamilton Coun. Matthew Green says he will file complaint against colleague for releasing private information

Sept 27, 2017- In Conversation: The Toronto developer and the city councillor

Sept 19, 2017- CBC Hamilton- City Will Debate Putting Tiny Homes in Lower City Laneways

Sept 19, 2017- CHCH Are Tiny Homes Coming to Hamilton?

Sept 11, 2017 “Hearing into Matthew Green carding complaint gets off to a tense start” CBC Hamilton

Sept 11, 2017 “Hearing Begins for Hamilton City Councillor’s Carding Allegation” Global News

Sept 11, 2017 “Hamilton Coun. Matthew Green calls encounter with officer “humiliating” during tense hearing” Hamilton News

Sept 7, 2017 “City and School Board Partnering on Playground Upgrades, The Hamilton Spectator