About Matthew

Born and Raised in Hamilton

I was born and raised in Hamilton, the son of a second-generation iron worker father turned teacher, and a mother who worked for the federal government. They taught me the value of hard work and public service from a very young age.

I live in Ward 3 and I run my business here. Along with my partner Jayde, and our son Langston.

I’ve spoken with many of you over the last few years and have heard you express loud and clear that you feel our ward has been under siege, isolated and abandoned.

It’s time to start finding solutions, together, for the problems our ward faces.

While other wards in our city see a decrease in crime, we see an increase. While other wards see clear steps taken to calm traffic and make our streets safer for seniors, children and cyclists, our ward has fallen behind. While other wards have seen great economic renewal along their major commercial streets, Barton, King and Main streets in Ward 3 remain highly under-utilized.

I believe the solutions are to be found in the people of Ward 3. From planning hubs, to community groups, to a bunch of neighbours getting together for dinner, we have an incredible network of community in Ward 3, and we have legions of residents who are already involved in making our neighbourhoods better.

What we need now is coordination. We need to organize together and to be strategic.

Imagine what might be possible if every residential street in Ward 3 could be involved in a comprehensive street safety and traffic calming initiative, rather than individual neighbours struggling to get a single speed hump installed.

Imagine how we could improve living conditions and property standards if we had a coordinated response on how to deal with negligent landlords, rather than dealing with complaints in a piecemeal, one-by-one fashion.

Imagine what magic could happen on Barton, King and Main streets if our community came together and developed our own master plan for the commercial revitalization of our major streets, rather than individual business owners navigating the by-law labyrinth on their own.

It’s time for us to come together as a community to ensure that OUR priorities set the agenda for how our tax dollars are spent in our ward.


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My experience:

I offer a well-rounded perspective as an active resident, entrepreneur, and community organizer with executive leadership experience.

As a resident of Ward 3:

  • Volunteer in the Sherman Hub and with its local newspaper.
  • Work with neighbours to oppose school closures.
  • Advocate for complete streets and participatory budgeting.

As an entrepreneur who owns a business in Ward 3:

  • A Hamilton Living Wage Champion who understands that my staff needs to make a decent wage in order to be able to fully participate in the economy of our community.
  • Moved business to Ottawa Street North, providing affordable access to recreation and fitness to Ward 3 residents and surrounding communities through on-site programs.
  • Understand challenges facing small businesses in our ward and can cut through the red tape.
  • Participate in the Ottawa Street BIA.

As a community organizer and volunteer inside Ward 3:

  • Worked 8 years promoting health, wellness, and justice on issues ranging from integration of new Canadians, renters rights, and seniors recreation.
  • Led a city wide coalition opposing a plan for an inner city casino.
  • Past volunteer Board member of the Hamilton Community Foundation, responsible for helping to direct the governance of its $125 million dollar endowment for community-led programs.
  • Member of the Downtown Rotary Club.
  • Co-Chair of local non-profit, Empowerment Squared, offering after school programming which is currently in the process of a $2 million dollar capital campaign to build a learning centre.


  • BA in Political Science and Legal Studies from Acadia University
  • Studied Economics at McMaster University
  • Executive Education in Governance for Non Profits from Harvard Business School