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Councillor Green Issues Notice of Motion to Keep LRT Public


Hamilton, ON – July 4, 2017- Councillor Matthew Green issues Notice of Motion to keep Hamilton’s Light Rail Transit (LRT) Operating and Maintenance Agreement public.

“I strongly believe in our HSR and the ATU Sisters and Brothers who have served our city for well over 100 years. I also believe strongly that the HSR should be given the opportunity to operate and maintain Hamilton’s LRT system. This is about providing an investment in public infrastructure funded by public tax payer dollars that will provide enhanced public transit while providing good paying jobs that are accessible to all residents and workers,” says Councillor Green.

Metrolinx, the provincial arm’s length transit organization planning Hamilton’s LRT is only accepting bids for the project from companies that can supply all components of Hamilton’s new LRT line: finance, design, build, operate, and maintain. The HSR does not currently finance, design or build transit so they have been shut out of the process.

“Public transit is a public service and Metrolinx’s current process only provides for bids in a privatized system. With this motion I’m looking to include options that our public system stays public for everyone,” says Councillor Green.

The Notice of Motion will go forward to Hamilton General Issues Committee on August 9th, 2017.


For Media Inquiries:

Simon Granat

Executive Assistant to Councillor Matthew Green



CivX Fact: What is a Notice of Motion? 

A Notice of Motion is a formal intent to issue a motion. It comes before a motion. A Notice of Motion gives Councillors an option to see the motion, but they do not need to debate it until a following meeting. If Council wants to go ahead and make it a Motion, they can do that by vote–this is called, “waiving the rules”. 

Notice of Motion: Keep Hamilton’s Light Rail Transit Public

General Issues Committee July 10, 2017

Moved by Councillor Green

WHEREAS the City of Hamilton’s public transit service, the Hamilton Street Rail (HSR) has been running transit in Hamilton since 1873.

WHEREAS ATU Local 107 has language in their collective agreement with HSR that their members will operate any new transit in Hamilton.

WHEREAS transit is an essential public service that should remain under public ownership and operation.

WHEREAS the Metrolinx procurement process for the new LRT line excludes the HSR from bidding as it cannot finance, build or design the new LRT.



A) That the City of Hamilton directs staff to advise Metrolinx that HSR should operate and maintain the new LRT line and any other future transit expansion in the city.

B) That the LRT operating agreement between the city and Metrolinx ensures that HSR is the operator and maintainer of the new LRT system.