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  • It’s Calming: Traffic Safety Planned at 4 Parks

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We’re pretty excited about some of our plans to make traffic safer around some of our local parks.

Check out the information below to see what we are planning for Lucy Day Park, Powell Park, Myrtle Park and Lifesaver Park.  This plan has started effective immediately and our operations staff is hoping to have it completed and installed this summer.

So we wanted to keep you in the loop.


For a start, we’re reducing the speed limit to 40 km/h on all local streets around these parks. But we have more improvements coming because we won’t let dangerous driving slide.

Be sure to check out all the details below to see what we’re planning. Our goal with these traffic calming measures as always is to make our ward a better place to live, to work, and play.

Lucy Day Park

Get to next year’s Winterfest, pig roast, or community celebration fast and easy. See you there.

Markings: We are upgrading the crossings at the intersection of Clinton St and Ruth St to ladder crossings.

Speed Humps: Installed along Clinton St, between Ruth St and Barnesdale Ave N midblock roughly 30m east of Ruth St.  Location below:

Estimated investment: $9,500



Powell Park

In our beloved GALA neighbourhood, we’re making it safer to enjoy some swings and slides after a long day’s work.

Speedhumps: Installed along Stirton St between Huron and Harvey.

Markings: Adding tiger tails at the intersection at Stirton St and Huron St.

All Way Stop: Converting Stirton and Harvey to an all way stop and adding ladder crossings and ramps.

Estimated investment: $16,000




Myrtle Park

Making our walk to Myrtle Park even safer.

Speed Humps: Will be installed along Myrtle Ave midblock between Main St E and Delaware Ave, close to the edge entrance of the park.

Signs: There are “children playing” signs on all approaches to the park on Myrtle Ave and Delaware Ave.  There is well utilized parking along Myrtle Ave.

More to Come: City Staff are designing the improvements for Maplewood and Delaware.  Once completed, these improvements will be announced.

Estimated investment: $5,000


Lifesaver Park

Lifesaver park just got even sweeter.

Markings: Addition of ladder crosswalks at Cumberland Ave and Sanford.

Speed humps: Installed along Cumberland ave midblock between Sanford Ave S and Gladstone close to the edge entrance of the park.

Estimated investment: $17,000


Total Investments;           

The total investment for traffic calming on our streets is $47,500. These investments come after constant conversations and advocacy with our neighbours. Our goal with these traffic calming measures as always is to make our ward a better place to live, to work, and play.