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  • 5 Things We Can Do to Make Our Streets Safer

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We haveĀ 5 easy ideas for road users to make our streets safer:

1) Remember that you’re always driving in someone’s neighbourhood.

As you drive through the streets of Hamilton and other cities or towns, it is important to consider that there are families like yours that live, work, and play there. By driving through every neighbourhood as if it were your own, you, and many other drivers, are likely to pay closer attention to pedestrians and drive with more caution.







2) Use main roads, don’t cut through neighbourhoods.

Main roads are designed for high levels of traffic, and neighbourhood roads made for slower, local traffic. One of the best ways to help prevent cars from speeding through side streets is to do your part and stick to the main roads as much as possible.

3) “Share the road” by learning more about bike lanes and ensuring that enough space is kept for bike riders to travel safely. For more info click here





Bike lanes keep motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians safe on streets like Cannon Street. Check out this City of Hamilton video on the Cannon Street Cycle Track to learn how we’re learning to share the road in the Hammer:


4) Know the consequences of driving faster.

Speed, as we see in the chart below, is often a factor when pedestrians are struck by a vehicle. When drivers speed through neighbourhoods and side streets, it’s so important to consider families and children that might be walking or biking through the streets.

Fatality Rate by Vehicle Speed (Source: Killing Speed and Saving Lives, UK Department of Transport, 1997)

5) Spread the word on street safety and encourage others to do their part to make our streets safer.

As more drivers get familiar with the hazards of speeding, the importance of paying attention, and the new changes being made to their commutes, the roads will become much safer for not only pedestrians and cyclists, but also drivers themselves. Share this information with a friend and do your part to make Hamilton streets a little safer today.