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The OGRA 2017 Emerging Municipal Leaders Forum is the perfect opportunity for students to engage, and make lasting connections with those working directly with local governments.

The Benefit:

Understanding how municipal government works, and connecting with those working in the field is clutch. That’s why we’re happy to extend an invitation to the OGRA 2017 Emerging Leaders Forum on Feb 26, 2017, to you. We’re hoping to roll with a Hamilton crew of students, and young leaders. If you’re interested please get in touch.

If interested, please contact:

Get more details below:

Students, recent grads, and interns are welcome to attend the upcoming OGRA Emerging Municipal Leaders Forum. Attendees will be able to speak with municipal leaders, and hear the thoughts and experiences from the panel, including Councillor Matthew Green. Students will learn about the evolving industry and have the opportunity to network with municipal leaders.

For more information please visit: