Matthew's Campaign Issues Checklist

Open Issues

Electoral Reform

Want to have a say on how our system works? We have all the details for who to write at the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing. Read More

Working to make Ward 3 a safe and vibrant community full of opportunity for all residents. Read More

Public Transit

Improved public transit will move Hamilton forward. Councillor Green supports improved public transportation and light rail transit. Investing in our system will mean more families get home in time for dinner, and more residents can get to work on time. Read More

Lanes and Alleys

Ward 3’s abundant lanes and alleys are ripe for transformation. With cooperation, a strategy, and a lot of TLC, they can become important spaces and routes for our community. Ward 3 Alleyways Map … Read More

Affordable Housing

As our homes go up in value and become harder for most of us to rent, let alone purchase, we are working to mitigate the displacement that is happening in Ward 3. Everyone should have the opportunity to continue to enjoy the safe, vibrant community that we are … Read More

Garbage Incinerator Plant – Port Fuels

Councillor Green stands with residents to oppose the proposed garbage incinerator. The plant is an unproven, untested technology and would be placed in the North end of Ward 3. UPDATE: Currently the Ontario Ministry of the Environment is undergoing an environmental review of the proposed garbage incinerator.   Check out … Read More